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About Us

In Loving Memory of my Nikki Our Mission is to help Fight the Homeless Pet Population by Helping Pets Keep their Loving Homes. We strive to provide a resourceful website to offer guidance and information to pet owners who are struggling to properly care for their pets.

In today's tough economy, many families are struggling to make ends meet. They are being forced to make tough decisions concerning their furry family members - they either can't afford to feed them, or they're being forced to move into new homes where their pets are not welcomed.

I formed the Pet Assistance Network in honor of my beloved Nikki, so that other pets could have the opportunity to have the same sort of life that she full of unconditional love and friendship. During Nikki's lifetime, I struggled financially, but I always put her needs above my own and never failed to find a way to be able to provide quality food and medical care for her lifetime. I started this network in an effort to help prevent pets from being displaced from their loving homes and families. The goal of PAN is to help these pet-loving families to keep their pets healthy and part of their families. We feel that we can help to curb the growing number of homeless and abandoned pets by helping pet owners KEEP their pets.

Our Rescue Program

Over the past 2 years, Pet Assistance Network has also begun rescuing and rehoming pets. We rescued our first dog, Layla in February 2009 from Greenville County Animal Care Services, an extremely high kill shelter in Greenville, SC. With the help of many great rescuers and volunteers, we were able to get Layla pulled from the shelter, boarded overnight and flown to Nashville to save her from being euthanized. She is now a member of my permanent pack and I have since rescued numerous dogs from high kill shelters and found them great new forever homes. We cannot take in as many dogs as the larger rescues and shelters, so our focus is on getting them rehomed quickly so that we can save more with less. Most of the dogs I take in complete an obedience training program, allowing us to make them more adoptable and find them homes more quickly. We also work with other independent rescuers to help them find their rescued pets great new forever homes. Please be sure to check out our current Adoptable Pets and all the Happy Tails of all the pets for whom we have found wonderful forever homes.

How Can You Help?
If you are in a situation where you are having a difficult time supporting your pet, please use the resources available in your area. Shelters and rescue groups WANT to help pets keep their loving homes, so if you can't find what you're looking for here on our website, please contact one of your local no-kill shelters and ask them for assistance. If they cannot help financially, they may still be able to provide guidance.

If you have tried everything and still decide that you need to find your pets new homes, PLEASE try to rehome them yourselves before surrendering them to your local kill shelter. In Summer 2011, we launched two brand new websites, and for individuals to list their pets for rehoming. These sites are FREE to use. You can help us make them more effective by helping us spread the word about these sites, so that more pet owners and pet seekers will utilize them.

If you are passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves, then you can help by donating your time, resources or money. We've domesticated these animals into relying on humans for their care, so it's up to us to be sure that they are provided for. Everyone deserves a loving home, so let's help these animals who have it, keep it. Volunteer or Donate to a local rescue or shelter today.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help us KEEP PETS IN THEIR HOMES, please check out the Volunteer or Donation Opportunities on our website. And, if you know of any organizations that are not listed here, please submit their information (including name, address, phone, website, etc.) to our Pet Assistance Programs Directory.

Thanks for helping us KEEP PETS OUT OF THE SHELTERS (or worse)!
We are NOT a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, therefore donations are not tax deductibe. However, we are ZERO-PROFIT, meaning that 100% of ALL moneys raised and donated does go to helping the animals. We are all volunteers donating our time and resources, including this website to help provide a resource and forum for people needing help. We are unable to provide financial assistance to individuals, but we can help by offering direction, guidance and encouragement in helping you keep or rehome your pets safely, so please feel free to contact us or join us on our Facebook Page letting us know how we can help. Thank you for looking for help before taking your pet(s) to the shelter. Please know that there are alternatives to leaving them at a kill shelter, where as owner surrenders, they will be the first to be killed, as they know the owners are not coming looking for them... Whenever possible, it is always best to try to find them a new loving home on your own. And, again, contact us and we can help network them to get the word out to potential new families.
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